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Zenna Tavares

I'm an researcher at Columbia University, formerly at MIT. I think about how to build computer programs that think as humans think. You can contact me on zt2297[at]columbia[dot]edu

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Mobile vs desktop users

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Things we’ll cover (list should build):

  • Bullet1
  • Bullet2
  • Bullet3

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Many kinds of devices.

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Media Queries are sweet:

@media screen and (max-width: 640px) {
  #sidebar { display: none; }

title: Once more, with JavaScript

function isSmall() {
  return window.matchMedia("(min-device-width: ???)").matches;

function hasTouch() {
  return Modernizr.touch;

function detectFormFactor() {
  var device = DESKTOP;
  if (hasTouch()) {
    device = isSmall() ? PHONE : TABLET;
  return device;

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This content should be centered!